The myth of hitting the gym: exercise alone isn’t enough

The quest to shed pounds can feel like a million megaphones pointing to you at once — with everyone screaming. Get a bikini body! Pound it out at the gym! Crunches, more crunches! Sweat until you drop to get your skinny on by summer!

We at Dallas Vitality 360 are all for a life of fitness and movement. But if you want to lose weight, you need the truth about how exercise (or the lack of it) truly affects weights loss. Then you can start to make the real changes to feel well, not just hit a number on the scale.

Truth #1: Less exercise doesn’t always equal weight gain

Most people assume that weight gain happens when we eat more and exercise less. That’s fairly accurate, but it’s not the end of the story. Other factors can also come into play.

For example, an underactive thyroid may lead to weight gain. Hormonal imbalances that frequently occur in the middle years of life for both men and women can also play a role. Underlying diseases may lead to weight gain if they remain unchecked.

With so many circumstance influencing weight gain, you must consider those circumstances as part of your weight loss plan. If your thyroid is not functioning properly, it’s deeply unlikely that exercise will get you to your target weight. And if hormonal imbalances and underlying medical conditions are unaddressed? You’re setting yourself up for weight-loss sabotage.

Truth #2: What you eat matters as much (or more) as exercise

Diet and exercise are not equal players when it comes to effective weight loss. Because diet impacts many of your body functions, what you eat may have more impact than the number of hours you throw at the gym. This doesn’t mean exercise does not have a significant place in any healthy lifestyle, but exercise alone can’t address the nutritional issues behind weight loss or gain.

Truth #3: When you cover the bases, you succeed

A healthy, fit body comes from a multi-step, customized approach to weight loss that directly meets your physical needs, medical history and current state of health. That process begins gathering information: How is your thyroid functioning? Get the tests done. How are your levels of progesterone, for instance, or testosterone? Get them checked. How is your diet right now serving or hurting your health? Get the answers you need.

That’s what we do, by the way. We collect the right information with a thorough examination that includes a variety of blood tests, physical exam and body fat composition analysis. We then give you an individualized weight loss program that includes hormone treatment if necessary, supplementation and a customized diet and exercise program.

The final truth? Weight loss isn’t easy. It takes a comprehensive approach and steady support to return to the body you love. Having experienced professionals on your side to successfully guide you through the process is a huge gift to yourself—and your waistline.

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