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Local Outreach

Our Mission

Dv360 is on a journey to spread the news about the impact nutrition has on our lives and on our health as a society.  With more awareness and resources, we believe we can truly make a difference.  While our main responsibility is helping our patients to become healthier as individuals, we also sought a local company that is spreading good nutrition and making a positive impact in our hometown of Dallas, TX.  According to Bonton (2019), “just like a seed, we know that every human being has the potential to live a healthy, prosperous life if they have the right nutrients and support.”  We are grateful for the work Bonton is doing in our community, and we are looking forward to partnering with them in any way that we can.  We invite our patients as we work to support Bonton’s mission. 

What Is Bonton Farms?

“What started out as a garden in a small lot has grown into two fully functioning farms and the Bonton Market. We grow organic food and hope for a better tomorrow, right in the Bonton community and on a separate 40-acre farm south of Dallas. We’re determined to grow the best-tasting, healthiest produce in the city while inspiring hope in everyone around us. We also house free-range chickens, goats, turkeys, rabbits and beehives that provide an abundance of fresh eggs, milk and honey” (Bonton, 2019). 

Volunteer Schedule

Bonton Farms has volunteer and tour hours Tuesdays – Fridays. They welcome volunteers to serve on Saturdays during the second Saturday of each month. If you have any questions or want to inquire about a volunteer day, please email

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