What is HGH Treatment and is it safe?

Yes, HGH Treatment (human growth hormone) is safe. The human body makes HGH naturally. Thus, it is inherently safe and provides many benefits, including increased exercise capacity, bone density, muscle mass, and decreased body fat. There have also been many anecdotal reports of faster recovery from injury through the ethical use of HGH.

Unfortunately, as we age, levels of HGH and IGF-1 (a second hormone made by the liver that brings about many of the beneficial effects) begin to fall. Exercise capacity, bone density, muscle mass decrease, while body fat increases. This progression can be ameliorated with a number of therapies, which safely boost the IGF-1 levels, including the administration of HGH.

However, the U.S. Congress, prompted by prominent athletic performances of noted athletes such as Roger Clemens, Tiger Woods, and others in various professional sports, passed an amendment prohibiting the prescription of HGH Treatment for any patient for “anti-aging” or “athletic purposes.”

That said, the deficiency of HGH in adults who are not professional sports stars continues to occur. It is characterized by decreased muscle mass, increase body fat, impaired quality of life, unfavorable alterations in their lipid profile, increased cardiovascular risk, decreased bone mass, and increased mortality.

At Dallas Vitality 360, one element of our comprehensive health evaluation is a complete analysis of hormone levels, including thyroid, sex hormones, and IGF-1.  IGF-1 is a protein marker indicating growth hormone (HGH) activity.  If ethically indicated, your treatment will include strategies to replenish and restore all of your hormones to youthful levels, including HgH.*

When dosed appropriately, HGH treatment is well tolerated with low incidences of side effects, and it improves most of the alterations observed in HGH deficiency. Numerous review articles document that long-term surveillance of adult HGH replacement therapy has not demonstrated increased cancer risk or mortality.

*The ethical administration of HgH requires a Federally mandated test to determine candidacy for this medication.

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