Holistic medicine: a simple idea with powerful potential for you

Holistic medicine may sound complicated or ethereal. But it couldn’t be simpler—or more useful for achieving your best physical and sexual health.

When we talk about holistic medicine at Dallas Vitality 360, we’re describing an integrated, thoughtful, and well-rounded approach to health that strives to bring you into balance. This includes your hormone levels, your diet, your nutrition and supplemental nutrition needs, and your lifestyle. When these core pillars of a healthy life are balanced, you can feel vital again.

A holistic approach doesn’t rule out certain kinds of medicine. Quite the opposite! The holistic doctor will use all appropriate, indicated forms of health care to help you achieve optimal health. For example, conventional medicine has a place in the holistic approach, as a certain medication may help relieve symptoms of pain or improve poor health markers, such as high cholesterol. The holistic approach, however, doesn’t stop when the symptoms stop; it addresses all the necessary elements to keep the symptoms from recurring, and to help you feel physically and sexually at your best.

Say you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and have better sex. After your evaluation, we might determine that conventional appetite suppressant and sexual performance prescriptions are appropriate for you — but that’s not the end of the story. Perhaps in reviewing your lifestyle, we see that you struggle with stress and lack of sleep, both of which can have serious negative effects on weight and libido. To address those significant roadblocks to your health, we might integrate meditation, herbs and nutritional supplements, or essential oils in your program.

The endgame with holistic medicine is not the cessation of symptoms; it is achieving the confidence, supported by robust physical health, that you can to deal with the challenges of life with vigor and vitality. That is true, sustainable health.

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