The facts about low testosterone and how it affects you

If you’re a man in your 40s or 50s, you’ve probably had more than a few ads about low testosterone in your inbox. Could low levels of testosterone be why you’re more tired than normal? Is that why you aren’t interested in sex, or aren’t able to perform when you want to?

The truth is that testosterone levels do drop as you age, and that can contribute heavily to common symptoms like low libido or poor muscle tone. But, unlike the many quick-and-dirty, in-and-out low-t clinics out there would have you believe, a single shot of a single hormone cannot make a real difference.

Your physical and sexual health comes from far more than testosterone alone. In fact, unless your doctor does extensive evaluation, such as a full blood panel and comprehensive hormone testing, as well as diet, nutrition, and lifestyle analysis, you can’t definitively pin your symptoms on testosterone levels. Worse case scenario, a low-t clinic may attempt to treat a complex problem, such as heart disease with a single, inappropriate shot.

Even if you’re not dealing with a serious health concern, low testosterone isn’t a silver bullet. Say you’re feeling like your libido and energy are low. Before you hit the low-t clinic, take a look at how you eat. If you’re only taking time to eat once a day — and it’s just a cup of coffee and a bagel — you likely have a much bigger lifestyle problem than you do a testosterone problem. If your testing does indicate a hormone imbalance, then you may well need that kind of support, but not in isolation. You can’t fix the problem, and feel the best you possibly can, unless you address all the factors in play.

Bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy to bring you back to youthful levels may indeed be piece of your treatment plan. But it is just a piece. Low-t clinics or companies telling you otherwise are not understanding the full picture of your health, and they are not telling you the truth.

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