Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from my regular doctor? 
Short answer? Our personal, concierge service.

Dr. Bulger is personally involved in your health care management. At your first evaluation, Dr. Bulger personally spends up to 2 hours with you completing a physical exam and reviewing every bit of your lab testing and other evaluations. After that, he and Anne Peters, our patient liaison, take care of your every health need, whenever and wherever issues come up.
At Dallas Vitality 360, we take the time to understand your health holistically, so that we can create the best possible wellness plan for you. That includes blood work, which most regular doctors don’t do, such as highly sensitive thyroid hormone tests and tests for markers of pre-diabetes. Whatever comes up, we are equipped to handle it, and we’re here for you 24/7.

Why do I feel so tired?
Your body is changing as you age. That’s the reality for all of us—we experience hormonal imbalance, our metabolism slows, the vigor and capacity of our lungs and heart go down (especially if we’re not eating and moving in healthy ways).

But that’s not where the story needs to end. With the right tools, information, and support, together we can fix hormonal imbalances and rejuvenate your body, mind, and life. That’s what we offer, plus concierge-level support. Nobody can stop the aging game, but Dallas Vitality 360 makes the time on the clock the best of your life.

How do I know this is for me? 
Your particular combination of symptoms is unique to you. Yet, we find that so many of our patients are struggling with the same issues, from powerful executives to schoolteachers to doctors to estheticians (and we’ve worked with all of them!). If you say “yes” to 3 or more of these, contact us for a consultation.

    • Fatigue, exhaustion, no matter how much you sleep
    • Insomnia
    • Scattered focus, mental dullness
    • Low energy, sluggishness
    • Weight gain, or difficulty losing weight

    • Loss of strength
    • Hair loss
    • Joint and muscle aches and pains
    • Low libido
    • Reduced ability to perform—or enjoy—sex

    • Depression, listlessness, anxiety
    • Digestive issues
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Frustration or dislike for your body

Do you do hormone replacement? 
Yes.  If our comprehensive lab tests and medical evaluations indicate the need, we will help your hormones return to youthful levels through the ethical prescription of bio-identical hormones. This allows you to achieve your greatest physical and sexual health.

Do you prescribe Human Growth Hormone?

At Dallas Vitality 360, patients can ethically receive HGH therapy if the need is indicated through appropriate medical testing, if physical symptoms are demonstrated, and if the patients have not responded to GHRH, Sermorelin, or similar IGF-1 boosters.

At Dallas Vitality 360, one element of our comprehensive health evaluation is a complete analysis of hormone levels, including thyroid, sex hormones, and IGF-1.  IGF-1 is a protein marker indicating growth hormone (HGH) activity.  If ethically indicated, your treatment will include strategies to replenish and restore all of your hormones to youthful levels, including HgH.*For more information on HGH therapy, see our article on human growth hormone and our safe, ethical use of it.
*The ethical administration of HgH requires a Federally mandated test to determine candidacy for this medication.

Are you going to put me on a lot of supplements? 
Depending on your symptoms and needs, you may have a short, targeted program, or you may need ongoing supplement support, based on your testing results and symptoms. Every client is unique and our recommendation varies per client. Our treatment plans exist only as long as needed to get your body back to healthy levels where it can begin healing itself.

Are your supplements and prescriptions high quality?
We provide our patients with the highest medical-grade supplements and prescription medications. Our nutraceuticals are medical grade and available only through medical professionals. These supplements are made following strict, science-based quality and efficacy protocols, and without artificial colors, fillers or allergenic ingredients.

For prescriptions, we recommend Trilogy Rx, a compounding pharmacy we have worked with for more than a decade. Trilogy specially compounds all of our medications, and their quality is outstanding. We are in constant contact with our pharmacist to fill prescriptions immediately, and we can ship medications overnight and via courier service.

Does my doctor need to know if I start working with you?
While our program does not require the knowledge or consent of your primary care provider, we believe everyone participating in your health care should be informed. We think it is a good idea to have all of your physicians aware of who is treating you. You should know that many traditional allopathic physicians are untrained in integrative medicine and may look skeptically upon a program based on diet, exercise, supplementation, and hormone replacement therapy, or HRT.

Do you accept insurance?
No. However, prescriptions that you receive from Dallas Vitality 360 may be covered by your individual insurance. The pharmacy will let you know if this is the case.

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