The myth of hitting the gym: exercise alone isn’t enough

The quest to shed pounds can feel like a million megaphones pointing to you at once — with everyone screaming. Get a bikini body! Pound it out at the gym! Crunches, more crunches! Sweat until you drop to get your skinny on by summer! We at Dallas Vitality 360 are all for a life of […]

What is HGH Treatment and is it safe?

Yes, human growth hormone (HGH) is safe. The human body makes HGH naturally. Thus, it is inherently safe and provides many benefits, including increased exercise capacity, bone density, muscle mass, and decreased body fat. There have also been many anecdotal reports of faster recovery from injury through the ethical use of HGH

The facts about low testosterone and how it affects you

If you’re a man in your 40s or 50s, you’ve probably had more than a few ads about low testosterone in your inbox. Could low levels of testosterone be why you’re more tired than normal? Is that why you aren’t interested in sex, or aren’t able to perform when you want to? The truth is […]

Too tired for sex: how hormone imbalances mess with your life

Testosterone. Prolactin. Estrogen. Thyroid. Progesterone. Cortisol. Androgyn. These are just some of the hormones that determine how you look and feel, from your skin to your mood to your muscle mass to your libido. When your hormone levels rise or fall out of healthy ranges, your physical and sexual health is much harder to maintain […]

Holistic medicine: a simple idea with powerful potential for you

Holistic medicine may sound complicated or ethereal. But it couldn’t be simpler—or more useful for achieving your best physical and sexual health. When we talk about holistic medicine at Dallas Vitality 360, we’re describing an integrated, thoughtful, and well-rounded approach to health that strives to bring you into balance. This includes your hormone levels, your […]

Hormone replacement therapy can work wonders for women

As women age, the body does not produce hormones at the same level it did earlier in life. This can result in hormone imbalances that can have many different negative effects. (See our article on hormone imbalances). Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT), paired with a holistic approach to improving your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, can […]